the federation view

The subjogation of partners into a hierarchy is defended by stages of involvment. Different grades of commitment can be inferred from those.

Tier I partners are in current conversation.

Tier II contacts should be informed.

Tier III links refer to uncertain relations.

Tier I

ecobytes (Gualter Baptista, Jon Richter) Witzenhausen, Germany INI

Mnémotix (Mylène Leitzelman) Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France BUS

Tier II

Aalto University (Andreas Hall) Helsinki, Finland SCI

INRIA (Alexandre Monnin) Paris, France SCI

Toggl (Alari Aho) Tallinn, Estonia BUS

pixelHumain (Tibor Katelbach) La Réunion, France INI

Tier III

vWorks Dubrovnik, Croatia BUS

network access via ecolise (Kitty de Bruin)

Bologna SCI

Barcelona SCI