Piste 1

Our use-case is about building and sharing cultural knowledge, contents and skills across an interdisciplinary/multi-cultural Alternative Culture Social Market Network on top of the EveryWare architecture. The challenge : Create new collaborative communities and models able to support cultural diversity, discovery and alternative creation

1Dtouch Hammerbass, Ez3kiel, Jarring Effects

Piste 2

We propose to develop, to experiment and to disseminate a “social semantic” Web services platform, based on participatory cartography of the territory, from multiple Viewpoints. Our French interdisciplinary research groups - Wimmics (INRIA) and Tech-CICO (UTT) – propose to test the platform over two selected fields this in PACA Region , with new Web2.0/ geographical solving participation and governance locks. On the current Web, one of our main technical and scientific issues is how meanings are invented, debated, reused and transformed at a territorial scale. A part of the solution includes realmarks (which are to reality what bookmarks are to books), wikis (as a way to build interlinked texts and formal models in a collaborative way), and social network tools (in order to instrument the emerging community).The other part of the solution focuses on managing contradictory viewpoints on shared geosituated items. In this approach, viewpoints are expressed by users in a semi-formal way through annotating texts or building multi-dimensional catalogues. Our project aims at integrating these two complementary methods and tools with Open Source geoservices and experimenting in vivo the resulting social semantic platform.

Centre de valorisation tourisme, alimentation et développement durable des territoires Institut supérieur du tourisme, de l'hôtellerie et de l'alimentation - Université Toulouse II Jean Jaurès