The construction of a consortium is a delicate process of intricate diplomacy, mutual understanding, transposition of ideas and finally recitement of what is possible, and not. This page covers our ambitions to formulate a diversal, metastable inbetween of shared narratives.

The legal organisations are presented by their name and, if available, with corresponding short profiles. Additionally a series of links will help drawing argumentative paths, ready for mixing and consolidation.

All applicants fall within either of these categories: Initiative (INI), Science (SCI), Business (BUS). They are meaningful for the equity view.

In strategic terms, partners are also subject to different tiers. Their grade indicates the level of current involvment into the overall process. This is the federation view.

The proposed partners are embedded into local working contexts, that reach out to different networks of various domains, in multiple degrees of closeness. This mobilisation potential is visually endorsed by the community view.

A critical read of these connections may as well later turn into the advisory group and the endorsement group.

At the bottom of this lies a map, which will be derived by enriching pages with location information. This will be aggregated into the consolidated view.