Expected Impact

Proposals should address as many as possible of the following criteria, possibly defining appropriate metrics to measure impact

* Demonstrate increased effectiveness, compared to existing solutions to societal and sustainability challenges, of new bottom-up, open and distributed approaches exploiting network effects and based on open data and open hardware;

* Capability to reach a critical mass of European citizens and to transpose the proposed approaches to other application areas related to sustainability;

* Achieve effective involvement of citizens and relevant new actors in decision making, collective governance, new democracy models, self-regulation, citizen science and citizens' observatories, new business and economic models.

* Achieve measurable improvement in cooperation among citizens, (including elderly), researchers, public authorities, private companies and civil society organisation in the development of new sustainable and collaborative consumption patterns, new lifestyles, and innovative product and service creation and information delivery.

* Demonstrate the applicability of concrete and measurable indicators to assess the social impact and the "social return of investment" of the proposed solutions.